Programming languages with best salaries

Are you interested if your programming language is the highest paid one in your industry then keep up reading.

  • GO is on the first place with 110.000 k average salary per year. Being started by Google it is open source language.
  • One of the highest paid languages is SQL. By knowing this language you will have 70-90k per year. This program is used to design and program to manage data.
  • JAVA is one of the most “wanted” languages nowadays. A senior Java developer can earn 117k dollars a year. Java is basically used for client server web programming applications.
  • PYTHON is another high level language that is widely used. Python s philosophy is express a tone of lines of codes in a few lines. By this language your salary will be 99k dollars a year.
  • IOS/SWIFT may have the title of the most important language of the last years. As the name speaks for himself its developed b Apple for their devices. This language gives you opportunity to earn from 80-120 k dollars a year.