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in fast moving industry like ours, hard working and developing is the only way to stay on the top and keep up with on going rythm. Being specilaized in web/mobile/desktop development based on JavaScript and JavaScript Libraries and frameworks we are giving solutions that walk with time and do not get old in their usage.

Web design, web publishing, programming and database management?
-You are in the right place!
Mobile application design, development and insertion in stores?
-You are in the right place!

Using agile method we develop your project from A-Z: program your app, deploy on your servers, give app submission and deliver all this in good documented restful API.
You will also like our digital and social media marketing services that will fully present your product in the right light․



InoRain is not just an IT or developping company. It is a company that never stops bringing new ideas into life. Each idea that is said loudly is developped into an innovative product. In our products you can find the projects that are developped from A-Z by our team. And this is only the begining.

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Created an application for IPTV providers. The app helps to manage users, channels, channel categories. With integrated payments systems providers can receive payments from the clients.

We created a fully complex CRM for managing and controlling polyclinics clients and employers. Our application made clients' and employers' lives much easier because most jobs were automated.

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